Medical Illustration
Our talented medical illustrators are able to help visualize your imagine of medical display. Singreach has a professional team with creative ideas and abundant experiences.
Medical Animation
We are capable to use 2D and 3D animation to exhibit process of diseases, therapy of diseases, and surgery operations. There are seven steps to finish designing: contact us, create for clients, create senses and scripts, shoot a film, production, dub/do a film score, and submit it to clients.
Medical Apps
We designed medical apps in order to promote sales, improve speech of sales, assist medical professional training. Our apps have such features: easy to operate, share resources, highly flexible, free to interact, have enormous information, free to revise, obvious for observation.
Graphic Design
We advocate for tactics instead of traditional graphic design, in order to have it made to order, we will seize the features of a brand. We focus on picture editing, website design, poster design, made diagram, create cartoons, design handbooks, and design logo/VI/banner/business card. It helps enterprise establish competitive propaganda plan.